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YPA: Local Florists Bloom for Valentine’s Day

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on February 1, 2010
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From Yellow Pages Association release:

Americans nationwide will turn to the Yellow Pages “Florists” heading this month almost twice as much as average. One in every three users does not have a specific floral shop in mind when referencing the Yellow Pages, but when they do, 85 percent follow up with a purchase (1). Over the course of the year there are more than 103 million references to the “Florists” heading (1).

Nearly half of all references are for flower arrangements or bouquets (46 percent) with the remaining references for flower delivery services (20 percent) and other items like garden plants and memorial flowers (19 percent) (1). The average Cupid spends $74 at the point of purchase (1), and according to the Society of American Florists (SAF), the most common flowers purchased this month are roses.

Also like the suggestions from the Society of American Florists on how to keep those roses fresh:


Yellow Page Industry Launches Site

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on August 13, 2009
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from their joint press release:

The Yellow Pages industry’s two leading associations announced today the launch of to help consumers choose which print directories they want delivered to their door steps.

“We want to give consumers a choice on how they access our local business information, whether it’s through print directories, Internet Yellow Pages, mobile apps, or search engines,” said Neg Norton, president, Yellow Pages Association.

“ makes it simple for consumers to find
information about managing home delivery of print directories.” aggregates delivery information for Yellow Pages publishers in one place, making consumer choice simple, secure and effective. Users type in their zip code and receive a list of local publishers with the appropriate steps to stop delivery or adjust the number of directory products they receive.

Because some consumers receive directories from more than one publisher, a critical feature of is the freedom for consumers to truly customize delivery. With, consumers can decide to continue receiving all directory products available in their area, keep some but not others, or stop all directory deliveries.
“Research shows that the vast majority want to keep at least one print directory in their home – no surprise since consumers reference print directories more than 12 billion times per year,” said Larry Angove, president and CEO, Association of Directory Publishers. “ is all about choice. Consumers can review the list of publishers in their area and determine which products they want to receive.”

Protecting Privacy a Critical Concern
A number of third‐party Web sites not affiliated with Yellow Pages or telephone companies offer to add consumers to do not deliver lists on their behalf.

“We are asking consumers to use caution when providing personal information to third‐party Web sites,” Angove said. “It’s best if consumers work directly with the publishers that deliver to them, and is an easy starting point for that process.”

The industry’s two leading associations, the Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers, joined together to announce the Web site. is managed by the Yellow Pages Association, which will work with members of both associations to ensure information on the site
is up to date.

Innovation Promoting Transformation
Today, Yellow Pages companies are transforming from directory publishers to central players in the fastgrowing local search industry, helping connect small businesses with consumers who are most ready to make a purchase.

“Our local data is available in a number of ways, including print phone books, Internet Yellow Pages, Google, and Yahoo! Local, for example.” Norton said. “Whatever way consumers choose to find a local business, chances are the last mile of the search was supported by Yellow Pages – whether the consumer knows it or not.”

Yellow Pages Industry Adding Mobile to Its Product List

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on December 5, 2008
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YPA President Neg Norton was intereviewed by Mobile Marketing this week (click here).  It’s an interview you should check out as it shows the range of media advertising products that publishers are bringing to small and midsized businesses:

What role will mobile play for the Yellow Pages industry?
Mobile fits the Yellow Pages strategy of making information available anytime, anywhere.

Accessed shopping guide or price comparison services at least once per month. Source: comScore M:Metrics

Yellow Pages

Additionally, we believe wireless access affords us the opportunity to attract new customers beyond those who purchase print and Internet advertising.

In a related story, in this weeks YP Talk newsletter we also provided an article on a key industry supplier – AdFare, who is working with publishers to help them repuprose the video ads they have been adding to their Internet ads to also work in a mobile environemnt (click here)

Print Yellow Pages As a Source for Recycling Info

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on November 13, 2008
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From Yellow Pages Association press release:

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ, Nov 10, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — Nov. 15 may be America Recycles Day, but recycling stays top of mind for many Americans each day of the year, with more than 10 million references for “Recycling Centers” in the Yellow Pages annually.
Aluminum claims the top spot of materials people want to recycle. Yellow Pages data shows that 21 percent of total calls are from users looking for information about where to recycle aluminum(1). “For many, aluminum cans are the starting point for recycling,” said Amy Healy, director of public policy for the Yellow Pages Association (YPA). “Most people know that aluminum should be recycled, and oftentimes, recycling aluminum puts some extra money in your pocket.”
What else are Americans recycling? According to the YPA, bulky items such as auto parts, computers, VCRs, and refrigerators account for 20 percent of the references(1). Six years ago, bulky items didn’t even register as a reference for local searches. Other top searches include:
--  Copper and scrap metal (16 percent)
--  Paper and newspapers (13 percent)
--  Glass, bottles, and plastic (7 percent)(1)
“Americans have long been aware of the importance of recycling paper and aluminum products,” said Healy, “but now we’re seeing increased awareness of the need to recycle home appliances, TVs, and cell phones — items that can have a more detrimental impact on the environment if not recycled properly.”
Young Adults Lead Recycling Efforts
In addition to what people are looking to recycle, Yellow Pages data shows who references recycling the most and where they live.
“Directionally, the data shows that users of the ‘Recycling Centers’ heading in Yellow Pages are more likely to be between the ages of 25 and 34, have an income between $25,000 and $60,000, reside in a household with three or more persons, and reside at their current address for less than a year,” said Larry Small, director of research for the YPA.
“Geographically, the ‘Recycling Centers’ heading is referenced most in smaller metropolitan areas across the Midwest and West census regions.”
Finding a Recycling Facility
To find a local recycling facility, Small recommends searching the Yellow Pages for “Recycling Centers,” as well as “Landfills-Sanitary,” “Waste Disposal Reduction & Recycling,” and “Environment & Ecological Services.”
In addition to offering a source for people to find information about recycling, the Yellow Pages industry is committed to ensuring that old phone directories are recycled. Consumers can reference the front or back of their local Yellow Pages or visit for information on how and where to recycle Yellow Pages directories.
(1) Knowledge Networks/SRI, May 2008

Energy-Efficient Windows Found in the Print Yellow Pages

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on September 30, 2008
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As we are entering “Energy Awareness Month” and the winter season, the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) has released information that the “Windows” heading in the print Yellow Pages ranks 85th out of more than 4,500 potential headings and generates 26 million references annually for advertisers.  Clearly Americans are turning to the Yellow Pages to help save on utility bills.

The results that print Yellow Pages bring to advertisers as the most frequently referenced medium before a purchase decision is made for this heading can be seen in the 94% of purchasers who indicated they made a buying decision based on what saw in the Yellow Pages.

Another interesting note in the YPA release show that under the “Windows” heading, most users (73%) indicated looking at a local window company over a chain store.  That kind of strong further demonstrates why the Yellow Pages are a top local resource for residential window needs.

YPA Adds “Think Green” Column

The Yellow Pages Association (YPA) stepped up its efforts to inform and educate by today introducing the “Think Green Column” on its “Yellow is Green” Environmental Web site.

YPA indicates the Think Green Columns will appear monthly to share opinions, ideas and even historical perspectives on the environment and the yellow pages.

In its press release, Neg Norton, president of YPA said:

“As Yellow Pages are the lifeline for many small businesses trying to reach ready-to-buy consumers, it’s imperative for our organization to provide a forum where yellow pages and environmental industry influencers can share their views and break new ground,”

The inaugural issue features John Howell from Nippon Paper Industries’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Drawing on his nearly 30 years of working in the yellow pages paper industry, he discusses the paper supply challenges facing the Yellow Pages industry today including increased demand from China for fiber; low fiber availability due to the housing market decline; and environmental pressures from proposed Yellow Pages legislation. John was instrumental in helping YP Talk with its extensive article on “How Paper is Made”.

Kudo’s to YPA for adding this effort. The more positive conversation we can generate, the better it will be for the industry overall. There are still plenty of uninformed advertisers and users that need to hear the real story behind what the industry provides.