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“…Just go get a PRINT Yellow Pages..”

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on July 5, 2008
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Technology is wonderful and has positively impacted so many things in our life. But we also know it’s far from perfect (especially if you have Microsoft’s Vista on your PC like I do).

Noticed this recent blog by Russell in his blog on “5 Ways to Stay Smarter Than Your Computer”. In particular this part of his post:

“…So. When you catch yourself being hooked . . . stop what you are doing,
step AWAY from the computer . . . and go get the yellow pages! Yeah. You
heard me . . . the PRINT yellow pages…”

What a revolutionary thought — an “old” media that actually has the information you need, uses no power, requires no special connections, doesn’t need to be rebooted because it whacks out every now and then, has a clear structure to help find things, and it totally mobile.

Yes, there are a lot of people that worhship technology, which is fine. It just isn’t the solution to all of your needs, especially your shopping needs, like the original search – the print Yellow Pages is…


Now it get’s personal

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on May 13, 2008
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You’ve seen them — bloggers who by virtue of the fact that they have a keyboard, an Internet connection, and half a brain can start spewing all kinds of inaccuracies across hyperspace. Among those I have seen:

  • Yellow Pages kills trees — Not true — see article on how paper is made (click here)
  • No one uses them — Not true, unless you consider nearly 14 BILLION look-ups last year to be “no one:
  • the Industry makes up the usage numbers — Not true unless you believe that all the research organizations that do research for a range of media have some compelling reason to ONLY bake the number for Yellow Pages
  • I don’t want one, I don’t use, I am offended you deliver one to my doorstep, — me, me, me. Please people, get a life. It’s just a phone book. It takes them longer to write their rants and complaints than it does to just recycle what they don’t want.

And so on and on. Usually I find the vast majority of these people are well intentioned but totally uninformed. Usually when presented with the facts, they will at least take the time to reconsider their position.

But now it’s getting personal. Case in point — this captain of commerce ignored all the facts presented and still ran this charming write-up: click here, but don’t do so on an empty stomach. He even went as far as to suggest everyone send me books they don’t want. Well, if they want to waste the postage and be even less eco-friendly, fine, I will gladly recycle any that show up. But you should note that the writer also closed his blog to further comments — hence, you now see the ugly side of the Internet, and it’s personal. Of course the other thing to note is the writer is hiding behind his site — you don’t know anything about who this, they don’t even have a formal mailing address, and it appears they are some local search engine marketing group (so of course there is no agenda there).

I hope all of you that read this have this key takeaway — these efforts are not going to go away, this industry in under siege, you livelihood will soon be under attack –> it’s time to start pushing back. All of us. Now. Because it’s starting to get personal….

YPG connecting eco-friendly sellers with eco-conscious buyers

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on May 1, 2008
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Kudos to the Yellow Pages Group (YPG) which today announced the launch of a pilot project an “EcoFinder” directory section to promote businesses that provide environmentally-preferable products or services or that have leading environmental operational practices. Here is link to company press release.

During the month of May, residents of Laval, Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse, and Terrebonne, will receive the enhanced Yellow Pages with this new section. The introduction of this new section follow a recent YPG survey which revealed that 93% of Quebec residents thought the creation of a section like this was a good idea and 88% confirmed that they would like both a print and online version.

Who says that print Yellow Pages can’t be the preferred source for environmental oriented shopping information?? With it’s wide distribution in the community, you would have to believe that other publishers will also jump on this trend which further supports the value of Yellow Pages in these environmentally sensitive times…