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Kudo’s to Berry Company for another successful recycling effort

The annual Think Yellow, Go Green Recycling Program coordinated by The Berry Company, the publisher of the Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages (HTYP), was another great success resulting in some 36,606 outdated directories this year being collected for recycling.

From the company’s press release:

“Altogether, Hawaii’s Neighbor Island schools quadrupled last year’s contest total, from 16 to 64 tons, which local recyclers convert into products that are used on the islands,” said Scott Szczekocki, regional director of client services for Berry Hawaii. “We applaud our schools for these outstanding results. Our students are already aware of the importance of local sustainability initiatives and keeping our islands green.”

Schools on Kauai, Hawaii, and Maui were rewarded for the most directories per student collected with cash prizes.  The first place winners included King Kaumuali’I Elementary on Kauai, Waimea Country School on the Big Island, Kamali’i Elementary on Maui and Maunaloa School on Molokai.

The books collected were sent to participating island recyclers such as Garden Isle Disposal on Kauai, Orchid Island Rubbish & Recycle on the Big Island, Maui Disposal, Makoa Trucking on Molokai and Lanai Trucking, and then shipped to Island Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii for processing into oil-absorbent materials, home insulation, and mulch.

The effort shows that while Berry is a key information source for local commerce, the company is also committed to bringing environmental, social and economic benefits to the places where people live and work.

Kudo’s to the Berry Company


Hawaiin Elementary School Rewarded for Recycling Efforts

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on November 3, 2009
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Kudos to Yellow Pages publisher – The Berry Company for recognizing the St. Joseph Elementary School with a check for $700 for first place in this year’s “Think Yellow, Go Green Telephone Directory Recycling Contest”.  The contest included over 50 schools from five neighboring islands (Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui and Molokai).

The school collected nearly 7,000 pounds of directories, the equivalent of more than 2,300 phone books. In total, Hawaii schools helped The Berry Company collect and recycle more than 105 tons of outdated directories during the 2009 contest.

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