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How do we really search for businesses?

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on December 19, 2008
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When to comes to searching for a business or service, every thing from restaurants to landscape contractors to tire dealers, people use a multimedia strategy with both “old” and new media, based on a recent report from Knowledge Networks.

In results presented from a poll conducted in the spring among respondents age 13 and older, the report says 77% turn to print Yellow Pages. Yep, despite what you may be hearing those print phone books continue to be a preferred local shopping resource. In fact 48% said this is the source they use most often.

Of course online can be also be a valuable source when you are “browsing” for information.  Search engines were the second most popular information source with 49% saying they use them to find a business or service, and 21% indicated they the Web is the most-often-used source.

The only other resources to register double digit usage in the survey were Internet Yellow Pages – IYP’s  (36%, 13% used most often), free or fee-based 411 (30%, 8% used most often) and newspapers (19% , but only  2% used most often).

The study also shoots holes in the popular perception that people are roaming the streets with new web-enabled mobile devices in hand seeking those sames products or services.  Currently just 5% included “mobile search” among their sources, with just 1% saying they use mobile search most often.


Errors in Printed Books Cause Problems??

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on September 9, 2008
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How could that be?  if the paper atheists who are now perpetuating the myth that no one wants or uses print Yellow Pages anymore, why do people seem to get so upset when a listing is occasionally wrong in the book?  We’ve ask that question several times at the askmeaboutyp blog.  Here is a recent example (link).

Here is another example which just came out:    Cox Communications in Kansas is all upset because their address was listed in a recently published phone book despite their request to keep that information private (link).

Guess they are afraid that someone must be looking in those printed directories and that if they do, someone might actually find them….

Benefits of a Yellow Pages in Your Vehicle

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on August 27, 2008
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Read a great post by a consumer (“mom_at_home”) who noted the convenience of carrying a print Yellow Pages in her busy vehicle — here is the link:

I’m like her — have one in the car at all times and it has been a life-saver.

Green Pages In the Print Yellow Pages

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on July 9, 2008
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Kudo’s to AT&T for a new partnership with Hutchinson, KS’s “Green Team” (link to full story). A proposal will go before the Hutchinson City Council for final approval next week for a four-page insert listing area recyclers, educational information about recycling, Web links and more in the upcoming December edition of the Reno County (KS) area directory .

The Green Team is a group of city staff and citizens who are working on recycling issues in the town, and the Green Pages project was born out of the Team’s desire to update a Reno County recycling brochure that was distributed by the health department nearly a decade ago.

Because they “didn’t want to print a bunch of material that would end up in trashcans” (Meryl Dye, Green Team member) the group approached the AT&T yellow pages about having green pages. In exchange for the green pages inclusion on the AT&T phone book, the Green Team will promote the AT&T’s sponsorship of the project.

Because the book is provided to every house hold in the area, the local government can be assured that residents have ready access to the recycling information they need.

And all this in a printed Yellow Pages.

Recycling Phone Books Into Packaging for Mushrooms

Who says Yellow Pages/phone books can’t be a valuable item to be recycled??

Here’s an interesting result from a recent Sustanible Packaging Leadership Awards held in Toronto on Earth Day, April 22nd.  At the event, Jim Downham, the President and CEO of the Packaging Association of Canada welcomed over 400 leaders in the packaging industry to recognize the very best in Sustainable Packaging.

A Bronze award went to Cascades which has been using recycled fibers from newsprint and Yellow Pages to create recyclable mushroom packaging. From their web site:

Category B – Raw Materials and Ancillary Services – Product


Cascades Inc.
Cascades UltraTill Mushroom Packaging

In response to decreasing waste in landfills in the future, and as an alternative to plastics, Cascades developed a 100% recyclable mushroom package made entirely from recycled fibres, principally from old newsprints and phonebooks. The production of the mushroom package helps to divert 1.5 tons of recycled paper per day from being landfilled.