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Caymen Islands Completes Successful Recycling Effort

Kudos to the Caymen Island Yellow Pages team (Global Directories) for a successful “Yellow2Green” recycling initiative (link) that was completed recently in the Cayman Islands. 

The team managed to collect over 38,000 old telephone directories in just a three week period.  The company reported that the community was extremely supportive as they also had a primary school friendly challenge.   “We’re absolutely thrilled,” said CIYP Marketing Manager Eileen Keens. “It’s amazing to witness a country’s spirit of community and responsibility – so many people actively participated in this campaign for a common good.”

What did they do with all those old directories?  The collected directories were sent to their partner, GreenFiber in Tampa, to be converted into home insulation in the USA.

Congrats to the entire team for their fine recycling programs.