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AARP to Fight Request in Florida to Stop White Pages

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on September 8, 2010
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Isn’t this an usually twist in the effort be more eco-oriented.

AT&T is among several telephone companies that have been asking the local Public Service Commission’s (PSC) which regulate the utilities for a change to regulations with REQUIRE them to send all home-telephone customers a new White Pages every year.  The change would end the annual “automatic delivery” of residential white pages each year.  Instead residents would need to ask for them.  The change makes a lot of sense as the white pages phone books are not being used as frequently as they once were with the availability of operator assisted/411 type services and online directories.  You would also think that such a move should please those paper book haters who believe any directory is a source of waste.

The interesting turn is that the AARP in Florida is now fighting such a change in Florida (link to article) saying that:

“The White Pages contain important contact information, such as phone numbers for doctors’ offices and pharmacies,” says Leslie Spencer, AARP Florida Associate State Director for Advocacy. “It’s one thing to say that anyone can find the same information online. But it’s another for some people to actually find information online as easily as they can find it in a phone book.”

Some people – particularly Floridians of modest means – may not have Internet access, she adds.

So finding information online isn’t always easy?  Really?

This isn’t the first time an issue like this has come up before.  We commented back in July of 2009, that when a similar measure was implemented in Cleveland, AT&T’s customer service lines were flooded with callers who wanted a book.  That blog really twisted the knickers of the paper haters as you can see in the comments area for that blog.

So now will those same paper haters boycott AARP???  Grandma will not be happy….