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Valley Yellow Pages Continues Tree Planting Program

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on March 18, 2010
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Next Tuesday, Valley Yellow Pages will be planting 50 new, much needed shade  trees at a Templeton elementary school, with hundreds of students participating in the event.

This is a continuing effort by Valley to demonstrate first hand that they are an environmentally conscious company.  Templeton has been selected as one of several communities around California where Valley Yellow Pages is planting trees.

Of note in the company press release was”

Virgin timber is virtually never used to make directory paper. The books are typically comprised of recycled materials with the remainder of the needed fiber provided by the residue of making squared boards out of round trees in the lumber-making process. 100% of the fiber is certified to come from sustainably managed forests. Directories are also produced with nontoxic glue and printed with inks containing soy and/or vegetable oils.

Kudos to Valley for this effort


Vermont Agrees To Combe Directories Again

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on March 15, 2010
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In a ruling which may show improvement in the classical disconnect between publishers wanting to update their print products and the local telephone regulatory bodies, the Vermont Public Service Board has reversed its ruling from 2005 that required SuperMedia (the local telco affiliated Yellow Page publisher) to separate the FairPoint Yellow Pages and the FairPoint White Pages directories in Vermont. The directories will be now combined into a single telephone directory beginning with distribution of new books in May.

As Todd Sanislow, regional vice president at SuperMedia noted in its press release (link):

“Consumers have been asking us to switch back for years.  It has long been our position that requiring us to publish separate White Pages and Yellow Pages directories was not the best solution, as it is less environmentally friendly and also put us at an unfair disadvantage with our competition. We are pleased to provide the convenience of having both Yellow Pages and White Pages listings in the same directory once again…..”

Local regulatory groups has traditional fought the elimination of residential white pages believing that if will increase the costs for local subscribers that need to access directory assistance/411 services to get listings information.

Critics of the industry claim that publishers are not being eco-oriented, yet they fail to understand that many of the publishers are required by law to publish the white page books.

We welcome the decision by the Vermont regulators and the efforts by SuperMedia to encourage residents to recycle outdated directories in curbside recycling containers. Those that don’t have curbside recycling, can click here to find a recycling center near them.  Those recycled directories can be used to make new paper or many products such as environmentally friendly cellulose insulation, packing material, animal bedding, compost, tissue-grade products, wallboard, envelopes, hydro-mulch and roll cores.

Colorado lawmakers kill phone book bill

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on March 10, 2010
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That’s the exact title from the Aurora Sentinel on March 3rd.  As the article reported:

Colorado lawmakers have killed a bill that would have allowed people to stop getting telephone books delivered for five years.

A House committee rejected the proposal Tuesday after directory publishers argued they’re already stopping delivery for up to three years to people who request it online. While they said they had no incentive to send books to people who don’t want them, unionized publisher employees feared the bill could cost jobs.
Common sense wins out — the publisher have established processes to opt-out of their books, and anything more involved than that will cost jobs and hurt small businesses that want to promote their products and services.  While we all use the Internet to browse and research, the print books are still heavily utilized at the time a local buying decision is made.

Kudos to Valley Yellow Pages on Haitian Relief Efforts

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on March 10, 2010
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Kudos to Valley Yellow Pages which raised $21,000 to help those in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this year. The company has also been encouraging other local companies to donate as well.

The Fresno-based company matched dollar for dollar the contributions made by 79 employees who donated through payroll deductions and vacation time pay.

Sieg Fischer, president and CEO of Valley Yellow Pages noted in the company’s press release that:

“This is an easy way that we can help those in desperate need and we challenge other local businesses to do the same.  With other events displacing the Haiti earthquake in the news, it’s important to realize that donations are still greatly needed, and whatever employees are able to give quickly adds up.”

The company indicated that all of the funds were sent directly to the Red Cross and Salvation Army, specifically marked for Haiti relief efforts.