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Sonoma County Recycling Info? In the Print Yellow Pages

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on February 27, 2009

The place to look for recycling information in Sonoma County, CA???  The Sonoma County sponsored recycling guide in the print Yellow Pages.

West County Gazette: Keep Sonoma County Clean – Stop Illegal Dumping
See the Sonoma County Recycle Guide in the AT&T Yellow Pages® under “R” for Recycling. • Learn more: So when you are out on the road again next spring, hopefully you will be able to enjoy the treasure of Sonoma

Kudo’s to AT&T on Recylcing Effort in Amarillo

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on February 25, 2009

The “Keep Amarillo Beautiful” campaign is getting a boost with the start of collection of old telephone books for recycling.

Kudos to AT&T for working with the city of Amarillo Solid Waste Department and the AT&T Yellow Pages in an annual effort to recycle old books.

Drop-off locations in Amarillo include the City Recycling Drop-off Centers, Fire Stations, and all Wal-Mart Supercenters.

This recent article noted that:

In 2008, more than 127 tons or 254,000 books were recycled compared with 2007’s 70 tons or 140,000 pounds, according to Keep Amarillo Beautiful.

Appreciating Intellectual Honesty

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on February 23, 2009

It was refreshing to see this recent piece that at least restored my hope that even print Yellow Page atheists, as impassioned about their cause, at least can sometimes be intellectually honest about valid results put in front of them, such as this analysis from Ian Andrew Bell in his The Yellow Pages: Adapt or die article. Mr. Bell presented all sides of the discussion but nicely articulated the frustration behind those online only pundits that decry the printed products as “spam”. Check this out:

“….But unfortunately, the Yellow Pages business is not yet the death march that the Web 2.0 kids have hoped it would become.  … This may say a lot more about the new media of web, telephony, and mobile and their capabilities than it does about the old medium of schlepping giant books door-to-door for punters to thumb through.

For one thing, the Yellow Pages is still the number one tool used by consumers to find local business; the industry continues to forecast growth in the bellwether US marketplace from $10.3 billion in 1996 to a projected $18 billion by 2010 — yes, some of their revenue comes from online, but that number is pegged at between 25% and one-third.

Oh.  And people still (gasp!) turn to their Yellow Pages more frequently than anything else for finding products and services that are local to them. According to research released a couple of months ago from Knowledge Networks, nearly half (48%) of consumers report print Yellow Pages as the resource they turn to most often for information on a business or service, and more than three-quarters (77%) use the print Yellow Pages overall….”

We all know the industry in the throes of a conversation where as the needs of the customers it serves – small and mid-sized business, change/evolve to also include online advertising as a bigger and bigger component of their marketing plans, the industry will be there to help them in this evolution.

But that evolution doesn’t mean the print Yellow Pages aren’t also going to be a key ongoing component of that marketing plan, no matter how much some people despise their very existence.  Get over it.

Understanding the full merits of Yellow Pages advertising

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on February 17, 2009

Happen to catch the interview Stephannie Hobbs from the Yellow Pages Association had with Jim Blasingame from the  Small Business Advocate:


Jim runs a well regarded widely distributed radio show/website/blog focused solely on small businesses.  This interview provides a number of helpful tips for small businesses who traditionally struggle with their marketing programs even in the best of times.  it runs just a couple of minutes and is well worth a listen…

AT&T Gains Further Approvals to Discontinue White Pages

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on February 16, 2009

As reported in the Dayton  B2B online newspaper AT&T Ohio received state approval from The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to end automatic delivery to customers of printed, white-pages telephone directories in Ohio.

What the article also noted was that the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel office (which represents residential utility consumers in Ohio) had actually objected to the companies’ requests saying that:

“….many customers still rely on printed directories, and that making them request the phone books could deprive customers of information they want and need…”

I can only assuming that the Counsel’s office hasn’t received some of the whining going on among paper atheists who want you to believe no one wants a book of any kind, white or yellow.

Carpet and Rug Heading References Jump in February

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on February 4, 2009

From the Yellow Page Association today:

With winter in full swing, Americans are staying indoors and looking — to their floors and Yellow Pages — for a quick and inexpensive way to punch up their home decor. The Yellow Pages’ “Carpet and Rug Dealers” heading receives the highest usage levels in February and more than 43 million references annually(1).

Christopher Davis, president and chief executive officer of the World Floor Covering Association, said a major trade show in late January unveils new products to dealers, which generates a good deal of consumer press and interest at this time of year.

Carpet and rug consumers are most often women between the ages of 35 and 64 who have a postgraduate education and an income above $40,000(1).

“Our research shows that 90 percent of residential carpet replacement consumers are female,” Davis said. “They are well educated and have done their research — as every consumer should. Use the Yellow Pages to find your options and then get referrals from the Better Business Bureau, the World Floor Covering Association, or friends to find the best.”

After referencing the heading, 90 percent of users made a purchase at a place seen in the Yellow Pages(1). Fifty-six percent of the customers were new to the place of purchase, which was most often a locally-owned carpet dealer (81 percent)(1).

“Seventy percent of carpet sold at retail is from a ‘mom and pop’ shop,” said Davis. “No large chains have been able to overcome local dealers because every installation is a custom job, which larger retailers are unable to do.”

Larry Small, Director of Research for the Yellow Pages Association, said: “Local carpet and rug dealers recognize that Yellow Pages advertising influences local consumers, as well as achieves a superior return on investment. The average return on investment received from local display ads at the carpet/rug dealers heading is $45 of sales revenue for every $1 spent on advertising(2).”

For more information on Yellow Pages headings, visit

(1) Knowledge Networks/SRI, May 2008

(2) CRM Associates 2007