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New Yellow Pages Recycling Effort Trial

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on October 28, 2008
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The Yellow Pages Association announced a new recycling program in conjunction with the printer RR Donnelley called “Recycle As You Shop” (RAYS). The RAYS effort is a recycling program being piloted in Maryland and designed to offer consumers and small businesses an added incentive to recycle paper products – including all types of telephone directories.

The pilot will begin November 1st. It gives shoppers an opportunity to receive a $10 coupon at 25 participating Office Depot stores throughout Maryland just for dropping off recyclable paper products. Green in-store recycling containers carrying a “Don’t Come In Empty-Handed” sign will be located at select Office Depot store locations in the trial area. The website has additional details on the program.

The RAYS effort is a collaboration between RR Donnelley and various publishers from the Yellow Pages industry such as AT&T Yellow Pages, Idearc Media Corp, and RHD/Dex, as well as non-industry entities such as Hearst Magazines, Sundance Catalog and Waste Management.

If the pilot is successful if may be expanded to additional parts of the country.


Paper fetishists??

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on October 9, 2008

Wow. This was the latest title one of my adorning fans has slammed me with. Bonus points to the creator for uniqueness but I am amazed at the level of pretentiousness that these computer eco-snobs demonstrate, especially their failure to see the whole picture. They don’t seem to recognize that the print Yellow Pages:

  • Use no additional energy all year long unlike the computer you are probably reading this on, which does use electricity continuously.
  • Requires no batteries or power or connectivity to make it work
  • Is made with recycled paper, paper which normally would have been carted off to a landfill
  • In the .3% of the landfill space it takes up, it does not pollute the landfill with the many toxins that all the electronic junk and batteries does.
  • Is not made with plastics which requires petroleum (at some $80 or more per barrel of oil) like the computers, PDA’s, IPODs, fantastically equipped cell phones, switching equipment, cable shielding, and all the required related hardware does
  • Is quicker in nearly every case I have seen to find the information you need
  • Isn’t biased because of your age – with tattoos, sushi, and skateboards being some of the fastest growing print headings, I doubt it is only being used by “the elderly”

Ok, we all acknowledge that the Internet will someday be the preferred source for information. But currently, it is far from perfect. And please don’t ask me to click away on my cell phone using some 2 inch screen to find what I need, not when I can’t even drive around the major city I live in without losing the signal.

In many ways I can’t blame consumers who really don’t understand why multiple directories arrive at their doorstep. No one ever explained to them that these print products cover different geographic areas and shopping needs. Nor has anyone ever taken the opportunity to tell them the many things the industry does to be eco-oriented. In the absence of information, they will grab at anything they may see on the Web because if it’s on the Web, it has to be accurate, right?

Conservatively, the Yellow Pages industry generates nearly $1 trillion in commerce, much of it for small to midsized businesses at the local level in markets from the smallest town to major cities. That’s a lot of jobs and a lot of business at an economic time when we could all use a lot more of both.

The print Yellow Pages are a good thing.