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“Hollywood Goes Green at the Oscars” — You Are Kidding Me, Right?

Posted in Misc Green News by Ken C on February 26, 2008
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Maybe you saw this little gem from thedailygreen newsletter:

Hollywood’s Hot Oscar Week: Celebrities Go Green

So I guess that line of idling limo’s I saw outside the receiving line didn’t count?

Sure, we all want to be more eco-friendly, but let’s make the efforts real and not just an attempt to be hip. Check our your local PRINT Yellow Pages for more green tips or to find those truly environmental consensus businesses.


Recycling Information At Your Finger Tips – In the PRINTED Yellow Pages

Posted in Publisher Efforts by Ken C on February 20, 2008
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It seems like the Napa Valley area in California has some issues lately with recycling. Local officials are noting that whether it’s the soft economy or maybe even the rise in home foreclosures, but the number of illegal garbage dumps is growing. People seem to think nothing of pushing that old worn out sofa or dead car battery to the curb, or even worse, to the backend of a dark, dead-end street. “The word is out. If you put something on the street, the city will pick up,” said Steve Barragan, a public works worker quoted in a recent Napa Valley Register article.

The local paper did its part in providing online readers a list of how to properly get rid of their junk the correct way. By one comment that caught my eye was this one:

“…For more information, check out the recycling guide in the Yellow Pages of the AT&T phone book or call 257-9292…”.

Yes, those supposedly tree killing, non-eco-friendly AT&T print Yellow Pages that many online bloggers have voiced their objection to actually have a garbage and recycling insert. This little example points to an important trend that print publishers can follow in the growing green/environmental war – the print Yellow Pages being a reference source that doesn’t require a broadband connection, or a pc to access for important, relevant information on how to be more eco-freidnly in detail.

More and more I am seeing websites that provide environmental tips including comments like this one:

Recycling Fact Sheet: Create a local recycling fact sheet for yourself and interested neighbors. The local Yellow Pages, Internet Consumer Recycling Guide and Recycling Resources are great resources.


The easiest predication you can make for 2008 for Yellow Page print publishers is that every directory will have green/eco-tips in them. And what a great branding, marketing, and public relations opportunity!!! What other source will be readily available in over 90+% of all homes year round?? The print Yellow Pages, of course.

Green is Business

Posted in Print Yellow Pages by Ken C on February 11, 2008
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Eco-friendly, environmental. “green” — its all main stream business now.  If you need further verification just pick up today’s Wall Street Journal — go to the last section, section R, labeled Energy – The Journal Report (link, subscription required) where you can find 16 pages of articles ( and of course advertising) on subjects such as cutting energy usage, oil/gas production in Arctic, venture capital money pouring into clean-energy companies, etc. etc. etc.

And I didn’t find anything pro or con about Yellow pages anywhere in the articles.

Eco-friendly Undies for Valentine’s Day??

Posted in Misc Green News by Ken C on February 11, 2008
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Everything seems to a “green” twist now.  Why not romantic undies.

Just in time for Valentines Day an eco-friendly British company called “Green Knickers” offers panties made from 60% hemp and 40% silk.  And if you order now they will arrive in “fair trade recycled gift box”.   The link to their site:


What heading would you find these under in a print Yellow Pages, “environmental” or “womens lingerie”???

How Green Do You Want to Be

Posted in Editor Picks by Ken C on February 5, 2008
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Came across this little test from, a website that says it is the “…consumer guide to the green revolution…”.

Here’s the link to the test:

It’s light hearted, but clearly designed to provide you with an indication of how you are doing against the rest of the green movement.

Take the test. Let me know what your score is.